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Every creation has a story, a history woven into its very fabric. For me, that story begins with my father, a master jeweler whose skilled hands brought beauty to life in every bead and thread he touched. What many of you may not know is that the accessories you've cherished over the years were crafted by none other than my father.

Growing up surrounded by my father's workshop, I was mesmerized by the colors, textures, and stories contained within his materials. He left behind not just his tools and treasures, but a legacy of creativity and craftsmanship that inspired me to carry on his work in my own way.

Exploring his materials became a journey of rediscovery—a chance to connect with his spirit through the beads he had once strung. As I experimented with upcycling his materials into something new, I began exploring ideas for their transformation.

From the vibrant hues of the beads to the intricate patterns of the threads, every element tells a story—a story of heritage, tradition, and love. In honor of my father's memory and his dedication to his craft, I proudly carry on his legacy through Ngahkay, his namesake brand.

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The design Duo behind WOMB

Teng Huang
After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute, Teng worked as an art teacher for several years before she decided to start her own label WOMB in 2003. She has garnered several awards over the years , including the Asian Fashion Designer Award, Mercedes Benz Fashion Awards and Singapore Fashion Designers Award.

Kit Wong
Kit worked in the advertising industry as a web creative after graduating from Lasalle College of the arts. He left his job and joined Womb in 2008 and became a partner in both work and life.

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Kit and Teng are believers in conveying an appreciation for the making process, advocating for sustainable and local manufacturing. Every piece is designed, sampled and cut in house and sewn here in Singapore. Each of our collections is thoughtfully crafted in limited quantities, a deliberate choice to eliminate excess and reduce waste. The ★ Exclusive edition is a series of selected signature pieces that are designed, cut and made as a bespoke piece, crafted individually for you.

"We are happy that we are doing our part by not creating something completely new. It personifies our commitment to conscious sustainable and repurposed fashion"

Pre-orders are available through our website and Studio Visit.