What does pre-order mean?
Pre-ordering refers to purchasing products from Womb Product that are not currently in stock. These items are typically ones with limited availability or niche products.

Why should I consider pre-ordering?
Pre-ordering ensures we order precisely the needed stock, minimising waste and environmental impact. It's a fantastic way to secure your desired item while avoiding unnecessary overstock. Rest assured, pre-ordered products are fresh and not sitting on shelves for extended periods.

How does the pre-order process work?
To reserve your item, full payment is required at checkout. For manual payments, ensure payment is accompanied by the order number to facilitate processing. Upon arrival at our studio, we will handcraft your item within 3-5 business days. Pre-order products typically take 2-8 weeks for delivery, though we'll ship earlier if we have stock from prior shipments.

How can I identify a pre-order item?
Pre-order items are clearly labeled as "pre-order" and include an estimated shipping date within the product description.

What if I want to buy a pre-order item along with in-stock items?
Your entire order will be held until the pre-order item arrives, allowing all items to be shipped together. If you prefer to receive your in-stock items sooner, please consider purchasing them separately.

Pre-order Disclaimer
we cannot guarantee the exact shipping date. While each pre-order item comes with an estimated shipping date, this may be subject to changes without prior notice due to factors beyond our control (such as shipping delays, weather conditions, or stock levels from Womb Singapore).

Regrettably, we are unable to cancel orders once payment has been processed. In the event that we are unable to fulfill your pre-order for any reason, we will contact you to arrange for refunds.

Should I contact Womb Products for a more accurate delivery estimate?
Upon receiving your order, Womb Products promptly initiates the delivery process. Our customer care will notify you of any updates or changes to the delivery schedule. However, please note that we are unable to guarantee the exact shipment date. We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter.

I've been waiting for quite some time! Can I cancel my pre-order?
Once you've added the item to your cart and completed payment, you've acknowledged and agreed to the waiting period specified in each product listing. Unfortunately, cancellations cannot be accommodated once payment has been processed. Refund requests for pre-orders will only be considered if 3 weeks have elapsed beyond the stated waiting period, and the product has not yet been delivered.