Celebrating milestones : This particular ladder has accompanied us throughout the years since we first opened our doors at Raffles City. It reminded us of the steps we climbed, the hurdles we crossed and opportunities we had to be where we are today. Womb has grown over the years by building a community of devoted consumers. We are thankful to be able to do what we love to do and extremely grateful to all the customers that support us throughout the years.
We will continue to challenge and push boundaries to make exciting products without compromising our key values and ethnics where things are made with care and detail, taking into consideration where materials come from and who is making them. In lieu of the celebration for WOMB milestones, our team embarked on a fun painting venture on what "LADDER” means to us.
It is a continuation of growth and learning from one step to the other, alongside getting in touch with our higher conscious self; A constant state of progression.
Esther Peh, Merchandiser

Light after dark. Stepping out of the chaos of the past and into the bright rays of the present, showing the leap of success.
Sheena Yee, Design Intern

A combination of ladders built together with others and used by many. As we climb, we inspire each other to continue and experience. It doesn’t end.

Teng, Chief Designer

Discover the new Limited Edition "Ladder", 20th August 2021 (coming soon)